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Research Axes

INQ's scientific programming was put together by over 150 researchers and representatives of various Indigenous organizations and peoples over the past year. It was a task that required hundreds of hours of work, preparation, and discussions. The programming is the result of a unique, wide-reaching collaborative effort.

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Axis 1

Societies and Culture

“This priority aims to improve knowledge of the issues associated with the societies and cultures of northern Québec by examining different development models as well as heritage, identities, territoriality, knowledge, living environments, and governance. It will draw on partnerships with northern institutions and communities to facilitate the planning of research agendas, compliance with ethics protocols in Aboriginal environments, and the decolonization of research.”

The co-directors of this research axis are Professors Daniel Chartier and Thierry Rodon.

Axis 2


“The Health workshop brought together for the first time almost 20 researchers in northern health from INQ’s three founding institutions. These researchers work on projects whose objectives are determined in collaboration with Aboriginal partners. The priority research themes will be defined in cooperation with Aboriginal representatives in the coming months.”

The co-directors of this research axis are Professors Mélanie Lemire and Cathy Vaillancourt (interim).

Axis 3

Ecosystem Functioning and Environmental Protection

“Several meetings and workshops have been held for the purpose of developing INQ’s Ecosystem Functioning and Environment Protection priority. This priority has both a land component and a marine component. Meetings were attended by researchers from a number of institutions across Québec specializing in a variety of natural science disciplines. The collaborative discussion process will continue as results from the various thematic workshops are pooled.”

The co-directors of this research axis are Professors Philippe Archambault and Esther Lévesque.

Axis 4

Infrastructure and Technology

“INQ’s Infrastructure and Technology working group to support development in northern Québec met on June 3. About 20 specialists discussed three specific themes: environmental technology, construction of sustainable infrastructure, and information technology.”

The co-directors of this research axis are Professors Louis-César Pasquier and Abdellah Chehri.

Axis 5

Natural Resources

“The workshops and discussions held to date have already helped identify common research themes related to the natural resources sector. One such theme, which is important to forestry, mineral resources, and energy, involves the in-depth characterization of the environment and access to data seen as essential for the coherent development of northern Québec.”

The co-directors of this research axis are Professors Annie Desrochers and René Therrien.

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