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INQ at the Arctic Circle Assembly

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INQ will be present at the Arctic Circle Assembly and is involved in two sessions.



In this session, we will examine the evolution of Quebec Arctic policies and look at some specific issues, such as the effort of Quebec to increase its maritime arctic borders, Quebec Arctic navigation and the relationship with the Arctic Indigenous people. We will also discuss the role of subnational governments in the Arctic governance.


  • Jean Lemire, Envoy for Climate Change, Northern and Arctic Affairs Government of Québec (Ministère des Relations internationales et de la Francophonie du Québec), Canada: Session keynote
  • Frédéric Lasserre, Professor, Université Laval/INQ, Canada: Navigating the arctic waters in the Quebec region: trends and issues
  • Thierry Rodon, Professor, Université Laval/INQ, Canada: The Evolution of Québec Arctic Policies
  • Stéphane Roussel, Professor, ENAP/INQ, Canada : Role and Opportunities for Non Sovereign Governments in Arctic Governance
  • Pauline Pic, Ph.D. Student, Université Laval, Canada : Geography of Quebec's Arctic Involvement: thinking about space and the scales of Quebec's Arctic policy




This session will feature the international finals of the My Northern Project competition, which will bring together nine PhD students from Quebec (Canada) and the Nordic countries. These students will have to explain their research project to a large audience in five minutes. This session is the result of a collaboration between the INQ and the UArctic network.


  • Outi Snellman, Vice-President Organization, UArctic
  • Thierry Rodon, Professor, Political Science, Université Laval


  • Hanna Blåhed, Ph.D. Student, Umeå University, Sweden: Minding Health Or Mining Wealth? A Health Impact Assessment of a Mining Project in Gállok/Kallak, Swedish Sápmi
  • Flore Sergeant, Ph.D. student in Earth Sciences, Université Laval,  Québec: Arctic River Flow: A Valuable Indicator for Predicting PanArctic Permafrost Dynamics
  • Aðalheiður Alice Eyvör Pálsdóttir, Ph.D. student in folkloristics/ethnology, University of Iceland, Iceland: Iceland’s North Coast in Legends
  • Valérie Langlois, Ph.D. student in Microbiology, Université Laval, Québec : Thermokarst: When a Small Lake Goes Viral
  • Jennifer Fiebig, M.A Architect and Ph.D. student in Civil Engineering, Technical University Denmark (DTU): Snow and Wind – A Dimension in Arctic Built Environment
  • Agathe Allibert, Ph.D. student in Veterinary Studies, Université de. Montréal, Québec: Arctic Fox, Rabies and Global Warming
  • Natalia Ramirez, Ph.D. student in biology, University of Akureyri, Iceland: Do Lichens Provide a Selective Force for Pseudomonas Syringae in Arctic Tundra Environments?
  • Alex Mavrovic, Ph.D. student in Environmental Science, Université de Québec à Trois-Rivières (UQTR), Québec: Monitoring of Winter Carbon Flux in the Arctic
  • Judith Maréchal, Ph.D. Candidate, Arctic DTU – Ilinniarfeqarfik Sisimiut, Greenland: The Influence on Public Health of Water Systems in Greenlandic Settlements

Since 2015, INQ has been an active participant in this forum which is held annually in Reykjavik. This year's edition will take place from October 14 to 17. 

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