My Northern Project: call for applications

My Northern Project: call for applications

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Students, it's time to prepare your application!

For the fourth consecutive year, INQ is pleased to announce one of the flagship events in its programming: the My Northern Project science outreach contest.

New this year: the contest is now open to Master's students who have analyzed their collected data. The competition also remains open to students enrolled in a PhD program. Of course, only research projects with a northern or Arctic theme are eligible.

The competition:

Exercise in popularizing and synthesizing science, My Northern Project is a competition in which students present their northern or Arctic research project in 5 minutes.

The goal of the exercise is to popularize, inform and captivate the audience!

The grand prize:

During the regional final of My Northern Project, which will be held in Quebec City on May 20, 2020, between 4 and 6 students will be selected by a jury to represent Quebec at the international final of My Northern Project at the Arctic Circle Assembly in October 2020 in Reykjavik, Iceland. The international component of the competition is jointly organized by the Institut nordique du Québec and  UArctic.

MPN2020 - How to participate

1. Verify your eligibility

The competition is open to :

  • Masters students working on a project with a northern or Arctic theme who have completed their data analysis ;
  • Doctoral students working in the field of northern or Arctic research.


2. Prepare your application

Information and documents required to support your application :

  • Student's complete name
  • Program of study
  • Affiliated university
  • Email address
  • Title of research project 
  • Project summary (300 words)
  • Name of research supervisor
  • Letter of recommendation from research supervisor 


 3. Submit your application by email

Deadline for submitting your application : April 26, 2020 at midnight

Send your dossier to :



Technical criteria for oral presentations

  • Presentation must be exactly five minutes in length;
  • Presentation at the regional finals in Québec City must be given in French;
  • Presentation must be accompanied by a maximum of 10 slides, without animations;
  • See the l’appel à candidatures for addition details.

Evaluation criteria for oral presentations

My Nordic project is first and foremost an exercise in scientific popularization and synthesis. Be clear, concise and in a format that is accessible to all.

  • Clarity and ease of presentation;
  • Scientific popularization of the subject;
  • Respect the time and technical criteria required;
  • Structure of the presentation and division of content;
  • General appreciation.


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