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ÉPM contributes to the development of the North and northern communities, notably through its engineering research and training. Dams and infrastructure, glaciology, geotechnics and permafrost, environmental engineering, structural geology, hydrology of cold regions, water quality modelling, geothermal energy, mining exploration and operations, rare earths... these are just some of the areas of specialization in which researchers at the Polytechnique bring their unique expertise to INQ's work. Not only do they contribute by creating knowledge, but also by adapting civil and industrial infrastructure to the impact of climate change and to the transition to a more sustainable society.

List of affiliated researchers

Name Research priorities Research types Contact Photo
Bérubé, Charles L. Priority 5 - Natural Resources mineral exploration, géophysique appliquée, physique des minéraux Email
Bouaanani, Najib Priority 4 - Infrastructure and Technology civil engineering, digital modelling, experimental modeling, earthquake engineering, hydraulic structures Email
Najib Bouaanani
Courcelles, Benoit Priority 5 - Natural Resources geotechnology, environmental engineering, water quality, milieux granulaires, groundwater Email
Benoit Courcelles
Dorner, Sarah Priority 5 - Natural Resources hydrology, climate change, protection, contaminants, modelling, water Email
Sarah Dorner
Fuamba, Musandji Priority 4 - Infrastructure and Technology hydraulic engineering, hydrological engineering, water supply and resources, surface water Email
Musandji Fuamba
Gervais, Félix Priority 5 - Natural Resources geological engineering, structural geology, plate tectonics, mineralogy Email
Felix Gervais
Hassanzadeh, Elmira Priority 5 - Natural Resources civil engineering, hydrology, water resources, climate change, sustainable development Email
Elmira Hassanzadeh
Maghoul, Pooneh Priority 4 - Infrastructure and Technology geotechnical engineering, earthquake engineering, solid mechanics, stress analysis Email
Photo du chercheur
Shakibaeinia, Ahmad Priority 5 - Natural Resources hydraulic engineering, hydrological engineering, water supply and resources, water quality, pollution, fluid mechanics, multiphase polymerizates systems, modeling and simulation, surface water Email
Ahmad Shakibaeinia
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