Training Committee


Thierry Rodon (Université Laval)

Catherine Girard (UQAC)


Marie Audette (Université Laval)
Isabelle Laurion (INRS)
Marie-France Gévry (Sentinelle Nord)
Caroline Hervé (Université Laval)
Jim Howden (McGill)
Marie-Éve Marchand (Université Laval)
Loretta Robinson (FNEC)
Brigitte Bigué (INQ)


Debra Christiansen-Stowe (INQ)


  • Support universities in their initiatives related to the training of the students, future stakeholders in the territory of northern Quebec and the Canadian Arctic and professionals working on issues related to northern Quebec and the Arctic;
  • Develop an uncredited continuing education program for transferring knowledge to academics, professionals and the general population (e.g. public conferences, luncheon conferences, summer or winter schools, workshops, exhibitions, etc.);
  • Encourage the involvement of indigenous people in all aspects throughout the students’ educational program;
  • Reflect on the creation of scholarships for Inuit and First Nations’ students.
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